Brave an Alternative Bouquet

May 11, 2018

Every bride knows that, aside from your Ellis Bridals wedding dress, your bouquet choice will be one of the focal points of your Big Day, but recently brides have been opting for alternatives to the traditional floral bouquet. Ellis Bridals’s fashion team has picked out three distinctly different alternative bouquets that we think would go well with a selection of Ellis Bridals gowns.

This Ellis Bridals dress would be the perfect canvas for a stunning bouquet of feathers, very appropriate for countryside weddings. There are lots of different types you could opt for: peacock feathers create an eye catching pop of colour that can coordinate with the groomsmen’s pocket flowers too, or there are subtle pheasant feathers for a mature look, or instant elegance with ostrich feathers. The fit-and-flare of this wedding dress has the effect of elongating your body and drawing attention to your middle, coincidentally exactly where you hold your bouquet when you make your way down the aisle.

Ellis Bridals Layered Tulle Dress | Style 12265

Or you could channel vintage elegance with a studded brooch bouquet. There are lots of online tutorials showing you how to make your own brooch bouquet using lots of different styles. Depending on your choice of brooch you could easily match your bejeweled bouquet to your Ellis Bridals gown and even your Kelsey Rose bridesmaids dresses! This bouquet would complement the sophistication of a wedding in a stately home. Ellis Bridals think that the chic vintage nature of these bouquets would go with this Elli Bridals lace slim dress. The subtle tones of the lace bodice and a pair of drop earrings will offset your beaded bouquet nicely!

Ellis Bridals Guipure Lace Slim Dress | Style 19071  

Finally, Ellis Bridals searched high and low to find a way to inject a bit of fairy-tale magic into your wedding bouquet choice; and we found these stunning butterfly bouquets. What could be more charming than floating down the aisle with fluttering butterflies drawing attention to the beaded details in your Ellis Bridals ball gown? Breathtaking and enchanting, these bouquets come in as many shapes and sizes as there are butterflies, perfect for an outdoor wedding! Tiny butterfly details in your hair and jewellery will bring the whole theme together cohesively.

Ellis Bridals Organza Ballgown Dress | Style 18052

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