Choosing Your Wedding Colour

Jan 22, 2023

It’s no secret that wedding planning is a tough process. But working your way through your checklist is a lot easier when you have a chosen colour palette for your big day. We would advise that you pick your colours early and everything else will fall into place.

Once you’ve chosen your desired colour palette, you will know what dress to buy, how to decorate your venue, what flowers to choose, bridesmaid/groomsmen outfits and be able to create a cohesive theme. Also, colours carry a lot of emotion and connotations and will therefore set the mood for your day so you want to make sure to get it right.

But how do you choose your wedding colours?

Keep reading and we’ll answer all your colour queries

Consider The Season

Different colours are associated with different seasons, although you don’t have to consider this for your wedding, it could be a start.

Popular Winter Colours

The winter season is a cold and frosty one and typically deep colours are very commonly used to represent that, with light accents also used to help warm up the room. Warm up your wedding with Aubergine, Burgundy, Burnt Orange or Emerald Green.

Colour Combinations

Black, White & Gold is the perfect combination for a classic wedding with a hint of glamour

– Dusty Blue & Blush, a calm palette fit for a winter whimsical wedding

– Rose Gold & Red Wine with a metallic accent will fit a rustic chic theme wedding

– Winter blues: Blue, Gray and a hint of metallic shining through, turn to the crisp winter weather for inspiration.

Popular Autumnal Colours

Be inspired by your environment. Look towards the warm and rich oranges, yellows and red colourful leaves. Incorporate nature and its natural beauty into your big day. If the bold colours aren’t for you, you can’t go wrong with a Champagne colour palette. Add bold accents with colours like salmon, rose gold or even a rich burgundy.

Caramel & Apricot, soft and sweet colours which are perfect for a barn reception

Bright Yellow, keep a hint of the summer warmth in your wedding and use different tones of yellow to brighten up your day. Yellow has connotations of happiness and optimism which sets the tone for your special day

Classic and timeless: Navy & Gold

Emerald and Pink shades for a floral, magical wedding

Popular Spring Colours

Spring is the beginning of outdoor weddings. It is also the season where bright days start coming back, budding tree leaves and blooming bulbs. The earth thrives in Spring as it comes back to life, creating ethereal palettes which you can draw inspiration from for your big day.

Warm Hues & Green, we all know subdued shades are very popular for Spring but bring a bit of vibrance to your day with this saturated colour-scape.

Gold & Mint combo, a delicate colour combination which is timeless

For a magical and elegant wedding with rustic quality, work around a dusty blue and white colour palette. Dusty Pink & Vanilla for the ‘made for eachother’ couple

Popular Summer Colours

Summer is warm and golden, choose colours that compliment the vibrance of the bright skies and long nights. From classic neutrals, to bright florals there’s so much to love

Poppy & Sage the perfect tropical combination if your having a destination wedding

Embrace lilac and lavender combo, for your outdoor wedding

Orange, pineapple, and pale pink is a vibrant sorbet sweet combo for a playful or bohemian theme

Natural Woods & Neutrals, bring the outdoors in or contrast an ultra-modern city wedding


Consider The Venue

Your wedding venue choice has a big part to play in your colour palette choosing. Is your wedding outdoors or natural? Then choose colours that compliment its surroundings and not compete with it. Go for earthy or bold and bright colours. If you’re looking at an indoor venue, embrace neutrals and pastels. These tones enhance the aesthetic presentation. However, if you’re working with a bare venue then you can be as creative as you like and assemble your colours to suit your own wants and needs.


Make it Your Own and Personal to You

This is your special day and you shouldn’t make final decisions just based on trends. Choose colours that reflect you and your partner’s personalities. Do you have a favourite colour? Or a colour you wear all the time and are known for? Use your colour palette to express yourself because after all this day is all about you.



Make sure that all your flowers, decorations and extras are available in the colours you want. The last thing you want is to set your heart on a colour palette and it will be really hard to source!


Choosing Colours Which Flatter You

Think about hues which are most flattering for your skin tone. You don’t want to look washed out on your wedding day so cross off any colour options which you think don’t suit you.

Light skin tones, opt for pastel colours and champagne colours, with a mix of one vibrant for a pop of colour.

If you have a gold skin undertone build around blush colours with greens, gold, grey and taupe Finally dark and olive skin tones will shine in diamond white with pops of vibrant colours like corals and sorbets.

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