Real Bride: Laura

Nov 11, 2016


Where did you meet your husband?

I met my husband at my local bank. I had gone in to enquire about a mortgage for myself as I was looking to move out of the family home and buy my own place…little did I know that just 10 months later we would be looking into getting a mortgage together! We spoke for hours and, despite him being the boss, he made sure he made all correspondence with me instead of delegating this to his staff! 

How did you know he was the one?

Excusing all clichés, I knew he was the one immediately… that was until I found out he was 6 years younger than me! After speaking to each other on the phone (always with the excuse of talking about my mortgage) and me going in to the bank a few times he finally worked up the courage to ask me out on a date. Despite the age difference, we arranged a date for when I got back from a holiday with my friends. After the first date, I was sure he was the guy I was going to marry. Neither of us played it cool… the day after the first date was a second date and the day after that was a third. We saw each other 5 days out of 7! The rest is history.


How did he/you propose?

We planned our first trip abroad together to the beautiful Greek island of Santorini and Vincenzo proposed to me there on the 1 year anniversary of our first date. He had spoken to the lovely staff at our hotel whilst we were still in England and told them his plans to propose and said he needed their help. We had gone for a lovely meal in the town centre early to watch the sun set and made the long walk back to the villa. When we arrived he asked me to wait outside… I knew he was planning something and began to get butterflies in my stomach. He came to collect me shortly after and brought me straight through the room and out onto the balcony where the floor was drenched in rose petals, our favourite music was playing and champagne lay on ice on the table with THE RING. It was more magical than I could have ever dreamed of and all I remember saying was yes, yes and yes. 


Where did the big day take place?

We had our wedding ceremony in a Catholic Church in Newmarket followed by a reception at Chippenham Park Gardens in Ely, Cambridgeshire on Friday 19th August 2016. 


When did you start planning?

I started planning for the big day immediately after our engagement party on Sunday 25th October 2015 which we shared with close family and friends. 


Where did you get your dress from?

I bought my dress from Anna at Bodice & Bustle in Bishop Stortford.

Is that the sort of dress you thought you would go for or was it a surprise? 

I knew I wanted a classic, slinky dress with some lace and had an idea in my head of what I liked but had been to a few bridal shops and not seen anything that wowed me… until I put on my Ellis Bridals style 19071 wedding dress. As soon as I put it on I knew it was ‘the one’ and did not want to take it off. 

Laura & Vincenzo Curola, 19th August 2016, Chippenham Park, Cambridgeshire

Who came dress shopping with you? 

My mum came to all of my dress shopping/fitting appointments and my sister, who was also my maid of honour, came to as many as she could. 

What style of maids did you go for? 

As my colour theme was a neutral/nude pink, my 3 bridesmaids and my maid of honour all wore the same understated and beautiful short dress.

How did you arrive at the ceremony? 

The Catholic Church was a long 40 miles away from where I live so I arrived at the ceremony with my mum and dad in a gorgeous but very grand white Bentley flying Spur… if you can’t be spoilt on your wedding day then when can you be?! 


Did you have anything unusual during the ceremony? 

My husband and I both come from Italian heritage and are both Roman Catholics but my husband is also partly Greek and so our priest surprised us during the ceremony but adding in a traditional Greek crowning of Stefana. 

How did you accessorise to make your wedding day look unique?

As my dress had a lot of intricate and beautiful detail in the lacing and I am a simple girl,  I kept my accessorise to a minimum. My yellow diamond earrings gifted to me by my hubby and a thin bracelet on my wrist along with my yellow diamond wedding band were more than enough for me. 


What was the inspiration or colour theme for your wedding?

My colour theme seemed to change and develop during the wedding planning process. The overall look that I tried to achieve, and managed to pull off somehow, was nude pinks and subtle peaches with gold details. 

Any unusual games or entertainment?

As a little surprise to our guests, I organised a caricaturist to join us during the reception. Not only did our guests get favours to take away with them but they also got a personalised cartoon picture of themselves… my husband and I managed to get one of us too! 


What kind of food did you have? Cake?

As there would be a lot of Italians and Greeks present, and as foodies ourselves, getting the food right was very important. We went for a 3 course sit down meal followed by mini fish and chip cones and mini pad Thai for evening guests. We had a gorgeous naked wedding cake filled with raspberry jam and vanilla butter cream dressed with real flowers which all tied in with the theme.

Laura & Vincenzo Curola, 19th August 2016, Chippenham Park, Cambridgeshire

What tips do you have for new brides picking their wedding dress?

My advice to new brides picking their wedding dress would be… don’t settle. I very nearly settled on a dress that I ‘liked’ after having tried on 15-20 different dresses in 3 different bridal shops. It’s only when I tried on my Ellis Bridals dress that I knew it was the one and fell in love with it. Hold out ladies, treat the dress like your man and wait for the right one to come along.


Where were your photos taken? 

As we wanted to make the most of the beautiful grounds at Chippenham Park Gardens most of our photos were taken there, although we did also have a few photos taken at the church.

What was your favourite moment from the day?

It’s hard to say what my favourite moment of the day was as there are so many to choose from but I would definitely say that walking down the aisle hand in hand with my husband as his Mrs is up there! Also, our first dance to our favourite song Il Mondo and partying the night away with our nearest and dearest are very close seconds.


Where did you honeymoon?

My husband and I had a luxury all inclusive 10 day honeymoon in the Maldives booked for the Monday after our wedding which we were so looking forward to… unfortunately, 15 minutes before our taxi arrived to take us to the airport my husband fell down the stairs whilst bringing our suitcase down! Instead of jetting away on the holiday of our dreams for 10 days of bliss we spent the following 4 hours in A&E! Thankfully he is fine now and we are rearranging the honeymoon for next April to somewhere in the Caribbean.


Photography by Matt Wing –

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