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Mar 3, 2015

Real bride Jane in her Ellis bridals dress

Where did you meet your husband?
I met my husband in university when we were both freshmen. We both attended University of California, Los Angeles. He lived in the dormitory apartment across from mine and came to visit a friend of his, who lived in my building. I casually ran into him in my dormitory lounge and we instantly became close friends! Our friendship progressed to a relationship.

How did you know he was the one?
Well, I’m not quite sure how I knew… All I knew was that he loved me unconditionally, he was very wise, and that he was very caring towards my family and close friends. That was enough to make me believe that I should definitely marry this man.

Jane and jeff invite

How did he/you propose?
I thought I was casually having dinner with my best friend, when all of a sudden she drives me to my university and hands me a map for a scavenger hunt around our campus. I followed the map to different stations around campus that were significant to our relationship. Every time I go to a new station on campus, I would find a close friend, who I haven’t seen since I graduated university, standing there with a bouquet of roses. Eventually, the map led me to where he was standing. My entire family and all of my close friends were standing there watching him propose to me in the center of campus. I don’t remember anything he said because I was just crying tears of joy the whole time.

When are where did the big day take place?
We were married at The California Club in downtown Los Angeles on August 2nd, 2014

Jane and Jeff wedding room

When did you start planning?
I actually planned in between my winter and summer breaks since my husband and I both attend medical school.

Where did you get your dress?
A small boutique store in Koreatown called Galleria Weddings, Los Angeles.

Jane and jeff walking aisle

Is that the sort of dress you thought you would go for or was it a surprise?
I definitely knew I wanted a long sleeve gown that was fitted and I was right. I found the dress and knew it was perfect for me. Jane chose Ellis Bridals classic wedding dress 11368

Who came dress shopping with you?
My mom and my maid of honor.

Jane and jeff kiss

What style of maids did you go for?
We were going to have a formal black-tie wedding, so she and I both chose a long silver gown by Sorella Vita.

How did you arrive at the ceremony?
I didn’t care for a grand entry to the ceremony so I just drove in my mom’s car over to the ceremony. I’m a simple gal.

Jane and jeff close

Did you have anything unusual during the ceremony? 
In high school, I had a very talented friend, who planned on pursuing music, sit behind me in my AP calculus class. I made him sign a contract on the back of my notebook that he would one day play at my wedding. Nearly 10 years later after that, he actually performed at my wedding. It was very special.

How did you accessorise to make your wedding day look unique?
Since my dress had a lot of intricate detail, I wanted to just wear simple earrings and wear a nice comb in my hair. I wore a pair of earrings, which were gifted by my husband’s grandmother.

Jane close

What was the inspiration or colour theme for your wedding?
I did not choose a color theme. For flowers, I just chose white with heavy greenery. Again, I’m a simple girl.

Any unusual games or entertainment? Impromptu game of twister?!
Haha no, not really. Like I said, I’m a simple gal.

What kind of food did you have? Cake?
We had a four-course meal that day because my husband and I are food fanatics. We had salad, soup, an entrée, and cake with coffee ice cream. We also had tons of wine. The cake was a fluffy vanilla chiffon cake with whipped cream and strawberries. My favorite.

Jane and jeff cake

What tips do you have for new brides picking their wedding dress?
Take only one or two people, whose opinions you truly care about, with you when you go dress shopping. I know a lot of girls in The United States take their mom, their aunt, their grandma, and all their friends… but I found that too many opinions make it harder for you to stay true to yours.

Where were your photos taken?
My photos were all taken at the venue.

Jane bw

What was your favourite moment from the day?
I’m not sure if we had a favorite moment because the entire day was just a dream. We find that as we grow older, it becomes harder and harder to spend time with the people you love, other than your immediate family. Everyone becomes pre-occupied with work and taking care of their families and themselves. We were aware that as our lives get busier and busier, the best thing you can gift to someone is your time. So… We were just really grateful to have all the people we love in one place and being able to share that moment with them.

Where did you honeymoon?
We actually didn’t go on a honeymoon! We had to quickly move to New York and start school immediately. Thus, we did not have the time nor the money to make a trip. We’re still in our honeymoon stage regardless and that’s really all that matters to us.

Photography by Steve Steinhardt

Jane and jeff walking

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