The Ellis Bridals Wedding Speech

Nov 18, 2015

The Ellis Bridals guide to nailing that Wedding Speech

Rely on preparation, not inspiration!

wedding speech advice from ellis bridals

Alone in your bedroom or delivering an off-the-cuff inspirational speech to your best friend is one thing but speaking to a room full of people with no notes is a whole other matter! There is no shame at all in using notecards, in fact if you don’t you’re a little crazy! Write down either your full speech to have in front of you or at least bullet pointed ideas of what you want to say. What could be worse that walking away from the wedding day realising you forgot to say something that was really important to you.

Pepper your speech with a sprinkling of humour

wedding speech advice from ellis bridals

Beginning with a joke is priceless way of engaging your audience from the start reel them in and make them like you. This will keep them on your side and listening throughout. Remember though, you’re surrounded by not just your friends but also relatives – some elderly possibly… so keep it clean! After every anecdote its wise to use a Grandma filter and ask yourself, what would she think?

Pull their heartstrings

wedding speech advice from ellis bridals

That perfect wedding speech should be a roller-coaster of ups and downs. Once you have engaged with some jokes now it is time to deliver some real emotion, share your feelings towards the happy couple and maybe give the guests some insight into how they have shown their love for one and another.

Be specific, make people feel special

wedding speech advice from ellis bridals

This is crucial in capturing the imagination of your guests. Mention people by name and give exact instances of why you are talking about them. Listing qualities like honesty and warmth is wonderful but use anecdotes to illustrate how you feel.

And the most crucial point is… have fun!

wedding speech advice from ellis bridals

This is a celebration and giving a speech about the people you love is a present. They will adore the sentiment and thought you have given them so deliver it with joy as it should be fun, not a punishment!

For any more advice nobody sums it up better than Martha Stewart so check out the video below and get her expert toasting tips!

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