The Perfect Proposal

Feb 8, 2017

Jane & Jeff

Jane and jeff walking aisle

I thought I was casually having dinner with my best friend, when all of a sudden she drives me to my university and hands me a map for a scavenger hunt around our campus.. I followed the map to different stations around campus that were significant to our relationship. Every time I go to a new station on campus, I would find a close friend, who I haven’t seen since I graduated university, standing there with a bouquet of roses. Eventually, the map led me to where he was standing. My entire family and all of my close friends were standing there watching him propose to me in the center of campus. I don’t remember anything he said because I was just crying tears of joy the whole time.”

Kailey & Gunnar

kailey and gunnar lovekamp nicole bissey photography

“He proposed with a puppy! Yes, a puppy! We are both huge animal people and had just gotten a new pup together. I had just moved back from college and was living with my parents, so our puppy stayed at his house, and that killed me! I was taking a nap at his house one afternoon and I heard our pup (Charlie) hop up on the bed and sit next to me. I opened my eyes and he had a ribbon tied around his neck, with a ring attached, and a note that said “Will you be our family forever?” After that, Gunnar grabbed my hand, stood me up, got down on one knee, and the rest is history!”

Sarah & Nelius

“We were spending the weekend at a private safari lodge and the day honestly couldn’t have been more perfect. I’m a huge animal lover so we were taken on a sunset game drive where we saw my favourite animal, elephants. Then when it came to dinner, the lodge manager led us to a table that was overlooking the river and as I was walking up I saw ‘Will you marry me?’ written on the plate – when I turned around Nelius was on one knee!”

Sarah & Brady

Real bride Sarah in her Ellis bridals wedding dress 11427

“I still want to cry when I think about it because it was so awesome! It was a Saturday, and the weather was absolutely beautiful. We got up and went to breakfast at Harry’s Country Club in the River Market. I was PUMPED because they had Boulevard Chocolate Ale on tap – I had no idea that was going to rank at the bottom of the day’s excitement. We went for a walk in one of our favourite parks, and on our second lap, he pulled me aside and asked me to marry him.

“I, obviously, said “of course!!!!!”

He said that, if it sounded ok, we would go back to Odessa, where both sets of parents live, and celebrate with family. On the car ride to Odessa Brady let slip that we were going on a little scavenger hunt and that at all of our stops – my parents’ house, his parents’ house, my grandparents’ house, his grandparents’ house – there would be a surprise for me. We finally got to my parents’ house, and I opened the door to… a cheering crowd of people – my whole family and all our friends. I wish I could go back and relive that whole day 100 times!”

Natalie & Aimee

Natalie and Aimee wedding day in ellis bridals 11452

“My romantic plans didn’t go quite according to plan when I fell ill with laryngitis a few days before and lost my voice completely,” Natalie explains. “I ended up writing ‘Marry me?’ on the sand holding out her diamond ring in readiness of a response. The look on her face was priceless!”

Elizabeth & Will

Real Bride: Elizabeth & Will

“While in Nashville for a music festival, we were out for dinner between shows and got trapped in a torrential rainstorm—far from cabs or shelter. We ran through the rain, soaked through in seconds, laughing hysterically. At one point we stopped and just stood there, doubled over with laughter. It was so cold and we were so wet but it was so much fun.

“Standing in the rain, I thought to myself “ I want to have moments like this for the rest of my life.””

Real Bride

Mallory & Josh


“He had just recently bought a new house so we had prepared an entire day for running errands. We were able to make it to one stop before he continued driving to a destination that was not on my list for the day. Lake Macintosh is a large, beautiful lake right outside of town. All I knew was that it was FREEZING outside, so what were we doing in the cold. He proceeds to tell me to sit still and face towards the lake…so I did! As Joshua walks away my wheels were just spinning. I hear a car door shut behind me. I also hear a dog…and a dog collar jingle, which seemed to be getting closer and closer! Joshua had my mom and sister deliver my sweet standard poodle Rosie to his truck. When he brought her to me, she has a note in an envelope attached to her collar. The note said:

“Hey Mom,

I love you and Joshua together and I want him to be my dad. I really hope you’ll marry him so we can become a pack.

Love, Rosie”

He then got down on one knee and popped the big question…of course, I said yes! After the fact, I found out that Joshua had been planning this for several weeks with my mother and sister and the two of them were in the corner of the boat dock taking pictures of the whole thing!”

Sian & Jonny

real bride sian on her wedding day in ellis bridals

In June 2012 we moved to Singapore for Jonny’s work. One of the greatest things about living in Singapore is its proximity to so many amazing holiday destinations. We had wanted to go to Australia for several years but getting there from the UK was so expensive and involved a 24hr flight. So that Christmas we decided to take full advantage of being so much closer and headed to the amazing Whitsunday islands on the Great Barrier Reef.

Jonny proposed on an island called Daydream Island on Christmas night on a beautiful deserted beach with burning torches all around us.

Toni & Nick

real bride of Toni on her wedding day

Nick carefully enlisted the help of my co-workers and sister. What started off as another humdrum Tuesday ended up being quite amazing. I got excused unusually early from my job and came home to a dress on the bed and a pair of pretty pumps with a note that says ‘dinner reservations are at seven’! I was so excited I put on the dress and began to get all dolled up. I have to admit it crossed my mind. He picked me up and we went to one of my favorite restaurants, the Continental. When I had asked Nick what the occasion was he explained there was no occasion just wanted a nice dinner out. Now this wasn’t out of Nick’s wheelhouse to do something super sweet like this so I thought oh well guess this isn’t it. Well we arrive home and as we walk in I see candles lining the stair case. I look back and he waves for me to walk in first. I continue up the stairs and see rose petals and more candles leading to the bedroom.

On the bed, in rose petals, it read ‘marry me?’, I turned around and there he was down on one knee!

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